Duke’s Playroom

We converted our smallest bedroom into Duke’s playroom since we needed a space to put all the stuff animals his aunt and uncle gave him. They are his buddies. Dana got him a bead maze table. Although he’s still too young to move the beads around, he still likes to hold and spin them.

Yesterday, Dana and I were in Toys”R”Us and we found WordWorld characters on sale for $5 a pop. We went nuts and bought all the characters available in store. I had no idea what WordWorld was, but I was immediately hooked on the concept of combining typography with visual character. We posted them on one side of the wall so Cu Dao can choose which one he wants to take down to play. When I showed him the characters, he just looked and smiled. Dana has already looked into getting more characters.

Duke’s playroom is now becoming my favorite place to spend with my boy. I am sure we will accumulate more toys, but I am still missing a good stereo. We could kick back, play with the toys and listen to some jazz. Now that’s my ideal family quality time together.