My Little Sunshine

My sun rises every morning around 5:30 with a big smile. I didn’t even realized it was raining outside this morning until I started to go to work. The showering weather makes me want to stay home with Cu Dao and Dana who gets to spend a whole Veteran day with my little sunshine. I am so jealous.

Yesterday, I scheduled six daycare tours for this Friday. We are looking to send Duke to daycare by early next year. Experienced parents, what should we look for and what questions should we ask on the tours? Any tips are welcome.

I still can’t imagine sending Duke off to daycare; however, I have seen many positive results with kids who go to day care. They often behave better and they don’t cling to their parents like kids who stay home. Most importantly, they can eat all by themselves. I saw a three-year-old boy who goes to daycare tearing up a piece chicken while another boy who stayed home with his mom being chased down to be fed.

Cu Dao started his solid food a few weeks ago. Like daddy, he loves sweet potato. For the past three nights, Duke gets his sweet potato while adults get dinner. From the way he chew to his commend for more food if I don’t feed him quick enough, watching him digesting his food is heaven-sent. I don’t even have to put the spoon into his mouth. He just leans forward and grabs the food. I hope his appetite will continue like this all the time.

Duke could also sit on his own, but not for too long. He simple doesn’t pay attention. So if he gets off balance, he just let himself drops to the ground (on the soft surface of course). Cu Dao also started to crawl. He finally figures out how to use his arms instead of his head. Whenever he raises his left arm, he lifts up his right leg as well as if both were wired together. He looks amusing with one leg and arm in the air. Whenever he sees a toy he likes, he would crawl to it, but stop about a foot away and scream to tell us to pick up the toy for him.

Cu Dao smiles more often these days, but I do miss that serious look on his face from time to time. The other day I was singing “Trong Vang” along with Phuong Thanh but with my horrendous, not-remembering-the-lyrics phrasing and he busted out laughing so Dana could capture his two bottom teeth.

Oh no, Foggy Bottom station is already here. I have to run. It’s going to be a busy day at the office.