Phuong Thanh – The Best of Tinh 2010

In the past few years, Phuong Thanh tries to mellow out, but nothing seemed to work. She sounded worn out and lazy. On her new release, The Best of Tinh 2010, she returns to her signature style: soaring from the pussy. Revisiting her breakthrough hits like “Trong Vang,” “Tinh Co” “Lo Lam” and “Hay Ve Voi Em,” she roars like a lion in a long and painful labor. At times, her vocal cords seem to burst from screaming too hard. In these new recordings, the producer had wisely kept the accompaniments simple—mostly with an acoustic guitar—to show off the Phuong Thanh effects: rough and raw on the surface, yet sweet and soulful underneath. This collection reminds us of how she had dominated the Vietnamese pop scene a decade ago.