A Different Politic

With two opening lines joking about politic, my review of Asia 63 turned into a political outrage. I don’t mind discussing politics, but I chose to stay out of the Vietnam-War-related argument. As I have predicted, the comments got nasty. It’s really a damn shame that we can’t agree to disagree. Just because one doesn’t share the same beefed-up, traumatizing views Asia entertainment had repeatedly put out in almost every video, he is stupid, “eating communist shit” or a communist. That’s just ridiculous and I am done with it.

Let’s move on to a different kind of politic. Just read an enlightening post from a Vietnamese-American fellow who used to hang around here during Obama’s election and had inspired me with his sharp, thoughtful and witty opinion. Here is an example:

I heard that as President Obama passed crowds of anti-abortion demonstrators in Washington DC yesterday, they chanted “Kill the Bill”, “Kill the Pelosi Bill”. I wonder how they, mostly faithful Christians who consider abortion sinful, think Jesus would have felt if he found out that his followers reacted so angrily toward a bill that was designed to take care of the underpriviledge in society? These are probably the same people who feel elated when saying “God Bless America”. What they probably meant was “God Bless America minus the Poor”. If I was Jesus, I would say “God Bless America, minus You”!

Agree or not, I sure got a kick out of that.