Quynh Hoa – Tango 09

Let’s get two things straight. Quynh Hoa has a young face, but an old, grainy voice, as if her vocal cords were sent through a dryer machine with a handful of small rocks. Although her forth release titled Tango 09, the album only featured three tango-style ballads.

All three tango tracks (Doan Chuan & Tu Linh’s “Tinh Nghe Si,” Pham Dinh Chuong’s “Xom Dem” and Duong Thieu Tuoc’s “Bong Chieu Xua”) are excellent because of her raspy vocals and effortless flow around the ballroom arrangements. Her jazzy rendition of Hoang Giac “Bong Chieu Qua” is exceptional and the intimacy of Nguyen Anh 9’s “Buon Oi! Chao Mi” (accompanied mostly by solo piano) is a reminiscent of the early Le Thu (before her ranges and tones are gone).

Tango also featured four special guests: Le Anh Dung, Duc Long, Quang Hao and Tuyet Tuyet. The weakest is the duet with Quang Hao on Hoang Giac’s “Mo Hoa.” The chachacha arrangement is robotic and Quang Hao’s voice is attractive but lacks the individuality. Overall, Tango is a solid ballroom dancing album.