Damn I Miss Him

I am back at work today and only a few hours away from my boy, yet I miss Duke terribly. On Tuesday, I was coughing and sneezing so I couldn’t be near him even though we were in the same house. Yesterday, I felt much better so I spent a whole day with him. Dana and I took him to the doctor yesterday for his six-month visit. Disappointedly Duke only weighs 14lbs and 6oz, which is only in the 10 percentiles. Feeding him in the morning is quite difficult. The only time he would take the milk is when he was about to fall asleep. The problem was that he could only take 3oz before he fell asleep.

The doctor encouraged us to let him sleep on his own. The problem is he would roll over as soon as I placed him in the crib. He would rub his face against the sheet or drag his face by pushing his feet. He would get all rash all over his face. I tried to hold him on his back, but he would scream and wake up. I held him in my chest for ten minutes and he slept like a puppy. After that I can gently placed him in his crib.

Last night, I fed him some sweet potato for dinner. He ate so well that I kept feeding him and feeding him until he threw everything back out. I should have stopped when he had enough. I am now sitting here reminiscing on the time we spent yesterday. The beautiful smile on his eczema-laced face revealing his two bottom teeth is what I miss the most.

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