Drop It Like It Ain’t Hurt

Grandparents went on a cruise yesterday. Cu Dao got a fever and running nose. Dana and I worked from home to babysit him until we pick up my mom this weekend.

We were doing our work at the dining table and suddenly heard a big drop right above us then followed by a scream. I dashed upstairs and the little guy was underneath his crib. I pulled him out and held him my arms. Dana came up with tears in her eyes. Luckily we have carpet so he wasn’t hurt so bad. I did a little peekaboo and tears turned into laughter.

What happen was Dana didn’t pull the rails all the way up. Usually we don’t have to because the rail would still be too high for him even it’s halfway down. Somehow he managed to get himself over the rail. We have lowered his mattress and will remember to pull the rail up because the little guy can’t seem to stay still. He wears both of us out every night trying to put him to sleep. The good thing about the accident is that his temperature has also dropped. He’s now doing a bit better. No pain no gain.