Jon Stewart Didn’t Disappoint

Despite the rain, the George Washington University community flocked to the Smith Center to listen to Jon Stewart stand-up performance and he didn’t disappoint. Stewart wasted no time getting into politics: “These are exciting times to be in Washington, D.C.! Change is in the air. Hope!… When does hope turn to change? How long does that take?” While complimented Obama as “the greatest speaker our generation has ever seen,” he swiped at Bush’s speaking skill as a “cocky six grader who tries to give a book report we know he didn’t read.”

Stewart’s supportive of gay marriage earned him the uproarious claps from the audience. He voiced his disappointment with Obama’s stand on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” His only concern with gay men serving in the military is when a Captain tells his man to shoot the enemy and the Private replies, “Oh no, he’s too gorgeous.” Of course, he was joking. Stewart also made fun of religions, diversity and Jews: “Black people made the blues. Jewish people just complain. We don’t have the rhythm to make it into music.” My favorite punch line: “Black people make beautiful jazz music. Give it to Kenny G and he fucks it up.”

Stewart connected with me the most when he talked about being a father. His biggest fear is that one day his son will find out that his daddy is not a superman but just a regular guy. He has two kids and he was glad that the boy came out first. His daughter is so advanced that if she came out first he wouldn’t know what to do with his idiotic son.