41st Anniversary

This weekend we celebrated Dana’s parent’s 41st anniversary. My obvious question was how do they do it? My father-in-law gave us his one-word answer: patience. Unfortunately I am an impatience guy and our relationship isn’t so simple.

Patience is simply not enough. Trust plays an important role in our relationship. Everything is based on trust. From our fidelity to our finance, we stay true to one another. We don’t doubt each other’s faithfulness and we never question what each of us do with our money. We share the same account and we make all decisions together.

Although I don’t have forty years of experience to prove, I know what works based on previous relationships. Until now I had always put myself first and as a result, each one left me like the little rivers. The “I” now comes after the “we.” The “we” now comes even after the “Duke.” Everything we do; we do it for the Duke.