In a Crappy Mood

This morning Dana drops me off at Vienna/Fairfax Orange line as usual, but she didn’t want to drink the coffee we shared so I finished up the whole mug in one shot. I felt groovy walking to the platform. Boarded the train and I started to feel that I need to do a number one. Wait, a number two as well. This can’t happen. I ate nothing this morning and spent half an hour in the bathroom earlier clearing out my system instead of playing with Cu Dao.

I tried to read to get my mind off it, but I couldn’t concentrate. The train stopped in between Ballston and Virginia Square. Why the fuck is the train not moving? The train operator announced that a customer had a seizure at Foggy Bottom that caused the delay. Oh, fuck me. If the train is not moving, I am going to have a seizure myself for holding it in. I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to get off the next stop to find a bathroom. Because of the seizure incident, Clarendon’s platform was filled with passengers trying to get on. There was no way I could get off so I sat back and holding it in.

As soon as I got to Foggy Bottom, it felt like I was reaching heaven. I rushed toward my building ignoring the traffic lights and straight to the bathroom. I sat back, relaxed and did what I had to do while some guy was brushing his teeth at the sink. I tried my hardest not to trumpet, but my ass didn’t cooperate. I heard the guy moaned as he left the bathroom. I am sorry. What do you want me to do? It’s one of those crappy days.