Cuter Than His Dad

Friday evening Dana and Duke picked me up at the Metro. We drove to Lotto for some Korean food and picked up two big-ass jackfruits (36 pounds each) before heading to Lancaster to visit my mom for the weekend. About ten minutes on the highway, we had to bust an exit because Cu Dao was crying and his mom couldn’t stopped him. We changed him, drove on for about fifteen minutes and he started to scream again. We stopped at McDonald’s for the dollar-menu sundae. Dana took over the wheel and I tried to entertain Duke in the backseat. I made him laughed out loud until he was exhausted. I gave him the bottle. He knocked it out and slept the whole way through. Am I good or what?

Duke got up when we arrived around 10:30 pm. He wanted to play to with grandma and didn’t go back into bed until midnight. The next day, Duke, Dana, my boy Nate and I went to the outlet to do some shopping before heading to Eric’s birthday. Duke has so many cousins now and two are just a year or two older than him. My cousin who has three 3 kids advised me not to hold Duke too much or else he would get used to it.

The thing is I am not trying to spoil him. I am more like making up to him. On weekdays I don’t get to spend time with Duke too much. I get home from work around 6:30 pm, take a shower and get to play with him for half an hour before supper. After doing the dishes, it would be around 8:30. Dana and I would give him a bath and then send him off to his crib. The next morning, I get to play with him for another half an hour before leaving to work. Therefore, I really want to spend time and hold him whenever I get a chance and usually the weekends are the best time to do so. I am just hope that he won’t be too spoiled.

Our our back to Virginia, Dana drove and I played with him until he fell asleep and he did the whole way through. Watching him sleep makes me realized that what people saying are true. Cu Dao looks so much like his dad, but much cuter and much more handsome than his dad. My cousin even said that he looks “ngầu hơn” his dad because of his striking eyebrows when he does his serious look. All I can say is that Cu Dao is so far my best achievement in life.