Craving for Mooncake

While mooncake comes with all kind of flavors including lotus, red bean, durian, chocolate, ice cream, coffee and shark fins, I still prefer the Vietnamese combo style with sausage, roast pork, salted yolk, herbs and spices. After lunch at Present, Duke, Dana and I went to Eden Center to find a mooncake. We wanted to get just one to try out first before getting a whole box. After looking around a couple of places, we decided to buy one at Kim Phung bakery after the owner proudly bragged that he makes the best banh trung thu and even folks from California ordered his. I have to concur. Other than the egg yolk is a bit salty, the cake was delicious. It tasted just like the ones in Viet Nam I had years ago. Dana and I ate the whole piece late Saturday night. Although the price is a bit expensive ($7.35 a pop), I can’t wait to grab a few boxes for family and for me this weekend.