Move On

The hardest part of a breakup isn’t the pain but the ability to move on. If you’re the one got dumped, the faster you move on, the better off for you because no one feels sorry for your ass. The quickest way to move on is to do the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind style. Yes, you want to get her completely out of your world. So when you and your girl are officially over, go out and get wasted. You drink to celebrate the new beginning, not to ease your sorrow.

The next day you wake up, go through your stuffs and destroy anything that associated with her. Getting rid of letters, pictures and sex tapes not only help you move forward, but also avoid leaving evidence behind. Just imagine your future girlfriend or wife comes upon those things, especially the latter. That’s not going to be a pretty scene.

Once the memories are trashed, go out and find yourself a replacement. The challenge part is that you have to score someone better than your ex. That’s right! Aim high because the sky’s the limit when you’re single. Don’t worry if you get rejected. Just think of them as job interviews. In my days, I got so many rejections that they didn’t seem to bother me anymore. Sure, it hurts your self-esteem and confidence, but it is much less painful than holding on to the past. Beside, you’re not likely going to run into them again later on anyway.