Circle Bistro

The first time I went to Circle Bistro was for my interview at GW School of Business. Both my boss and I had Idaho trout. Although the fish was mildly marinated, the flavor came through. It has a light-salted taste that complemented the sweetness of the trout. The place had a cozy feel, which was perfect for a bit of relaxing before heading up for the next round of interviews.

The second time I went with a bunch of colleagues and almost all of them ordered the trout. I went for the grilled flat iron steak. Although the steak was a bit salty, it was juicy and tender. The red wine sauce added a nice European flavor to the red meat.

The third time I took my wife out for lunch when she visited me at work. She had the trout and I had the Pekin duck leg confit and we shared the steamed Maine “Blue Johnny” mussels. The duck was a bit done. It would had been a bit juicer if the meat was a bit raw. I had this dish once at Busy Bee in Poughkeepsie and the chef recommended it raw. The duck turned out delicious.

What makes Circle Bistro stands out is that it only serves a few selections, yet everything on the menu is consistence. You can just order anything on the menu and expect it to be decent.