Saigon Café Needs a New Site

The other day I had to order 20 lbs of banh beo for a party. I looked up online to find the phone number for Saigon Café, which locates across from Eden Center. To my surprise its web site comes up first on Google, but I had to look for a minute to make sure I was on the right site. The amateur design of the site has no connection to the restaurant.

I haven’t been back to Saigon Café for a while now so I can’t remember all the details of the place, but its simple yet vibrant interior design appealed to me. I like how a set of tea cups, which seemed be to cut in half, glued to the wall. What ironic about this place is that while the name clearly says Saigon, most of its best dishes are Hue. I tried pho, bun bo hue, banh canh and hu tieu, but none of them stood out. It’s banh bao, on the other hand, is a killer. It also has some mean banh bot loc.

After I made my 20 lbs order, I tempted to approach the owner to talk about redesigning its web site and to use the web as a marketing tool, something most Vietnamese restaurants don’t seem to take advantage of.