Asian Students Under Assault

Our good friend (a next-door neighbor in Viet Nam) who lives in Philly has a teenage son. Her son dropped out of middle school because he was getting jumped by black kids either from his way to school or home. Philadelphia Weekly finally picks up on this heartrending story with similar situations:

Dozens of the alleged incidents are relatively minor—name-calling, verbal threats, petty robberies, random punches in the head while walking down stairwells, and general intimidation. But according to Chen, at least six times last school year those minor incidents escalated into massive rumbles where outnumbered Asian students were pummeled by packs of teens, sending several of the victims to hospitals. Like the day last October when a group of around 30 kids allegedly attacked five Chinese students after school in the Snyder Avenue subway station, one block from school. That incident started when a black student walked up to a Chinese kid in the cafeteria, touched his hair and allegedly threw a carton of milk at him. Rumors of threats filtered through the school on the day after the subway rumble, and the notion of continued violence froze Asian students. 

Little Eric got beat up two days since he started school this week. I am worried about him.

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