Thirsty, a Trailer

A Flash trailer for Thirsty is now online. This is a collaborative effort between the author, Kristin Bair O’Keeffe, who wrote the script, Jacqueline Francis who came up with the music and myself who created the motion graphic.

Kristin had done a great job of gathering all the pieces together and planned out what exactly what she wanted to express. Jacqueline produced the score based on Kristin’s storyboard. Since both the music and the script were tightly structured, I knew I couldn’t get the synchronization correctly on the first time. I had to reworked the animation to find the right flow as well as the right timing. Fortunately, I got both down perfectly the second time.

I am satisfied with the final product. I spent a whole night after a five-hour drive on it plus a couple of hours here and there. So go check it out!