Mission Accomplished (Sort Of)

Last week Dana and I had determined that we would spend our Saturday working on our retaining wall, a project has been pushed off for way too long. Saturday morning, we went to Hai Ky Mi Gia for a savory breakfast before we work on the project. We did a bit of grocery shopping at Eden and a farmer market near by our house then headed home. It was time to feed Cu Dao. Then we dropped him off at her sister’s house so her mother could babysit him.

Her mother made lunch and invited us to join them before heading to Home Depot. While having lunch, we realized that we didn’t measure the space. We went back to do the measurement so we could get the right amount of bricks. We hopped on YouTube to see how to build the retaining wall.

Now we are ready to head to Home Depot to get the bricks. We would need about 100 pieces so we were thinking of renting a truck. We drove to Home Depot. Instead of making a left turn to Home Depot, we made a right turn into the Korean supermarket. Dana ran in and checked to see if it has what we had been waiting for. A minute later, my phone rang and she said, yes, park the car and come in. Half an hour later we walked out with two big-ass jackfruits about 20 pounds each and the rain started to pour. We looked at each other and knew exactly what each other was thinking. Without a word, we laughed and drove home. We enjoyed the jackfruits. I also made a banging bap xao tom kho for dinner.