Kristin Bair O’Keeffe’s debut novel, Thirsty, is the story a woman who lived through an abusive relationship. The book is set in a mythological town somewhere in Pittsburg around the booming of the steel-making industry in 1880s. Although Thirsty is very dark, there were moments of lightness and hope.

To provide the companion web site the dramatic look and feel, a striking steel mill artwork by Craig McPherson as a backdrop. To balance out the dark tone, the title of the book is set in white, large typeface. The blue butterfly was also added to give a sense of hope. In contrast of the homepage, which is completely dark to convey the mysterious tone, the secondary pages turned white for readability.

Thirsty is an exciting project for me simply because I haven’t done a site like this before. The best part of the work is hitting the target on the first attempt. My first draft is usually my best work. This project has definitely brought the creative juice out of me and I am looking forward to doing another book site.