Flat Tire Weirdness

On our way home from Wildwoods, we had a flat tire in the rear passenger side. We didn’t know how or when it happened. All that we could recall was that we heard either a pop or we hit the pothole after about 2 miles from the hotel. We drove for about 10 miles and stopped in to get gas. One of the employees at the gas station noticed the flat. It was completely flat.

I pumped air into the tire and checked to see if there was any hole. Couldn’t spot anything. So I drove on and stopped every 15-30 minutes to see if the tire was deflated. Nothing happened. We drove all the way home, which was like 5 hours. The tire still looked fine.

I checked it again this morning and it still looks fine. Does anyone know why or how it deflated? Or if this has happened to you before?