A Compliment

A quick conversation with my cousin who was holding Cu Dao in her arms:

Cousin K: “He’s strong boy. Stronger than Andy when he was two months.”
Donny: “Oh yeah? So when will Andy have a sibling to play with?”
Cousin K: “We’re done.”
Donny: “Already?”
Cousin K: “Yes. I wouldn’t mind one more if I have a father like you.”

Coming from my cousin K who doesn’t BS, that’s a compliment. Still, I don’t deserve such a high praise. Cu Dao’s mom is the one that do most of the hard work, such as feeding him in the middle of the night and putting him to sleep when I fail to do so. Last Sunday, I was supposed to make him fall asleep, but I got knocked out first. His mom had to pick him up and soothe him to bed.

It’s me who is lucky to have a son like Cu Dao. He changed my world. Before him I couldn’t sleep at night if I had a cup of coffee in the morning. Now coffee hardly works anymore even when he screams at night. As you may have already noticed in the photos, Cu Dao smiles quite often these days. All I had to say is “Cuoi di con” (smile my dear) and he would laugh like I just told him the funniest joke in the world.

In contrast, Cu Dao could me laugh without even saying a word. About a week ago, after he already fell asleep in his crib, which located next to our bed, we laid back to rest and tried to enjoy a quiet moment. The peaceful night was erupted by a loud passing-gas sound from his direction. We looked at each other and couldn’t hold our laugh. It was the most innocent fart we had ever heard. We still crack up every time one of us mention it. It was just price less.