Cu Dao Broke the Record

Last night, Cu Dao slept almost six-hour straight. We put him in his crib around 10. A midnight, he made a few coughs (not sure where they come from) and we were expecting him to get up, but he went back to silence. We waited and waited and nothing happened so we felt asleep. Almost 4 o’clock, the train finally came. Dana nursed him and I lulled him back to sleep, but then he got up again around 5:45.

Cu Dao also loves to sleep on the bean bag. Whenever he stays at her aunt’s house, he would sleep on it like a little puppy. He likes the way the bag wrap around him. Just put him on the bag, push the bag around a bit and he would snore like his daddy. (Dana complaint hearing both of us snoring on both side of her ears.) We are going to get him a bean bag as well.