Paris By Night 96: Nhac Yeu Cau 2

Like most of Thuy Nga’s typical video releases, Paris By Night 96: Nhac Yeu Cau 2 is more on cleavage and less on content. Unlike its musical presentation, which shows no sign of innovation, Thuy Nga tends to push the sexual visual to the edge.

Take Tu Quyen’s and Nhu Loan’s “Lien Khuc Hoi Nguoi Tinh” for example. Most of the time, the singers are the main attraction and the dancers are just the supplement. In this case, the dancers who wore nothing but white panties and covering themselves up with a white piece of cloth damn near pushed Tu Quyen out of the frame even though she looked cute. Even when the topless dancers left the stage, Nhu Loan couldn’t top those sensual broads. Although Thuy Van can’t carry a note, she sure knows how to present her body. As always, she looked trashy but sexy. I am not mad at her though. Someone has to entertain married and bored Vietnamese men. Paris By Night is the alternative venue for those of us who can’t make it to Café Lu or Di Vang 2.

By fulfilling the popular demands, Nhac Yeu Cau 2 is filled with Chinese-translated hits (“Tinh Em Ngon Nen”), “Medley New Wave 80” and sentimental ballads like “Thoi Doi” and “Nhung Doi Hoa Sim.” Although Tran Thai Hoa sounded weak in “Tuong Niem,” he gave a surprisingly decent performance of traditional folks with Ngoc Ha. Quang Tuan made his first appearance on Thuy Nga’s stage with Y Lan. They don’t seem to go well together on stage. While he looked like a piece of rock, she looked like a piece of gum.

The diva duet between Bang Kieu and Tran Thu Ha was nothing novelty, but Bang Kieu’s acting in Nguyen Ngoc Ngan’s skit, “Ao Em Chua Mat Mot Lan,” was. He has the perfect voice for the character. Mr. Ngan is very clever in his gay-bashing/embracing storyline. (He first slammed you in the face then handed you an icepack.)

If I have to pick one song from Nhac Yeu Cau 2, it has to be Ngoc Anh’s “Giet Nguoi Trong Mong.” With her gruff voice, she gave Pham Duy’s tune a killer rendition.