Irresponsible Father

Saturday morning, we decided to drive 2.5 hours to Lancaster, PA to pay my mom and my sister a visit. Coincidentally, my family was throwing a birthday party for Andy and Sam who are Duke’s cousins. The party was fun until one of my cousins decided to have a little drink. He drove home and brought back a bottle of Mezcal Con Gusano. Between the five of us, we killed the entire bottle plus a case of Yuengling.

Everything seemed to be fine until I got back to my sister’s place. I was throwing up and had one of the worst feelings ever. At this point, I had to relied on Dana to take care of Duke. I passed out, yet in my mind the pain of guilt was even heavier than the pain of the liquor. The next morning, Duke got up around 7:00 and signaled me to take him out for a stroll like usual. He smiled at me as I picked him up, but I had to put him down again. I still couldn’t even stood straight. I had to lied down again because my head was still spinning.

What the hell did I do to myself? I let both Duke and his mom down for just a moment of drink. Thankfully, Dana who is a wonderful mother had been there for him when his daddy couldn’t. Sorry kiddo for daddy’s irresponsible behavior.

Duke has been doing great even after the shots and the long drive. He’s a strong boy.