Duke’s 2-Month Shots

Yesterday Duke took four shots: DTaP, HIB, IPV and Prevnar. He screamed when the needles poked his thighs, but he stopped crying altogether as quick as the fourth needle pulled out. I was very proud of him.

He is growing 50% across the board: 11bls 2oz (weight), 22.5″ (height) and 15.25″(HC).

I took off yesterday to spend the whole day with him. After the doctor, we drove to his mom’s workplace. Three of us went out for lunch. Duke got to visit his mom’s co-workers and then he drove to GW to greet my gangs. My boss adored him.

Duke came down with a fever last night from the shots. He was quite feisty. I hope he’ll get back to normal soon or else his parents don’t get to sleep much.