Duke and Grandma

My humanized alarm clock rang an hour earlier than usual this morning. Around 5:30, Duke started to whine and caused his mom who had been restless with him all night to be grouchy. I picked him up and went downstairs to let his mom catch some sleep before work.

Changed Duke’s heavy and poop-filled diaper. Poked our head out the door and felt the cool morning wind. We took a long stroll around the block before Duke eyes almost closed. Went back into the house, cleaned up the kitchen and took out the trash for today’s pickup. Went back upstairs and get ready for work.

Half an hour later, Duke woke up and all curled up in his grandma’s lap. They looked at each other and smiled. Duke mouth was wide opened and occasionally stuck his tongue out. The bonding between Duke and grandma grows stronger the day his mom went back to work. We are very grateful and thankful that Duke is under his grandma’s care while we are away.