My Morning Joy

Each morning, my humanized alarm clock would ring no later than 6:30. With a regular alarm clock I can snooze it and go back to sleep for a little longer. With the human one, he would scream until I get up. After brushing and dressing for work, I would take a stroll with Duke around the block. It’s one of the best bonding times between us. We would stare at each other until he falls asleep. His sweet, innocent face with his worrisome eyes still gets me every time.

This morning the rain prevented us from strolling, so his mom stayed up with us and made him laugh. Although I couldn’t capture the moments, the picture already recorded in my mind. I wish I could paint so I can put it down on canvas. Then I gave him a tummy time, balanced him by rocking him on a rolled blanket, and bicycled him.

After an hour with him, I headed to work feeling rejuvenated. What a perfect way to start a morning.