On Cheating

Dana and I used to follow Jon & Kate Plus 8. We adored the kids and admired the parents for putting up with all the craziness. I could barely survive with just one. With all the hardship the couple had been through, we thought that nothing could break the two apart. We were wrong. Cheating damn near ruined such a perfect family. I wonder how Jon going to explain to his kids what he did. Well, mommy wasn’t around and daddy had to have his needs.

Cheating is bad, but it’s even worse when you get caught and you will get caught. Even the formal president Bill Clinton and former governor Eliot Spitzer couldn’t get away with cheating. Actually, Spitzer was just paying for some pussy. Again, a man has his needs.

I don’t cheat because I haven’t heard of a successful cheating story. Even if the fish is on the chopping board, I don’t dare to bait it. I have worked too damn hard to earn her trust since the first day we met. Once you lose that trust, the relationship will be cracked forever. Even if she forgives, she never forgets. It will haunt you for the rest of your life. In addition, I can’t betray Duke. I can’t let our problems to affect his life and I don’t have to explain to him later on why I cheated on mommy.

So if you like to cheat, don’t get married. If you want to get married, don’t cheat. It’s not a game.