Baby Trend Jogger Travel System

My wife has made a wise choice on the Baby Trend Jogger Travel System. I have been using it for five weeks now and each day I can’t wait to take Duke out for a little ride. Every time I take him out for a jog, he would sleep the whole way through.

As soon as I start to jog, Duke’s eyes begin to close as well. He enjoys the jog more than the walk. With the big back wheels, the stroller runs smoothly even though Duke prefers a little bit rocky. Even when I hit a hump or a pothole, he still sleeps. The nice thing about the big wheels is that I could just pull the stroller up the porch steps without waking him up. Dana and I took him to the mall last weekend and he behaved really well in the stroller until he was hungry or wet.

Space wise, Baby Trend takes up almost the entire Acura’s trunk. Still, folding the stroller is a piece of cake. Just pull the triggers and press down to close. To unfold, just lift up the stroller handle until you hear the clicks. It is very convenience. If you want to take your baby out for a jog or a stroll without breaking your bank, Baby Trend Jogger Travel System is highly recommend it.