Dedicated to Duke

This personal slideshow captures my feelings for my first son. The serious tone of the clip is inspired by Duke’s expressions. He always has a deep-thinking look on his face. Even when he sleeps, he would rest his hand on his cheek as if he’s contemplating.

His vulnerable look on the last slide, in which I held him in my arms, gets me every time. He looks so “tội nghiệp” (I can’t think of an equivalent word in English). The poor thing makes me want to hold him tight and protect him from the real world, yet he’s the reason I am surviving in the real world. How ironic is that? Whenever I get so fed up with everyday crap, the image of him gets me going. It reminds me that the day I have him, there’s no storm I cannot weathered.

The piece is also inspired by Tierney Sutton’s outstanding rendition of “You Are My Sunshine.” She had turned a kid tune into a sweet and gentle ballad. The way she phrases the last bar, “Please don’t take my sunshine away,” is the exact feeling I have for Duke. He is my sunshine and please do not take him away from me.

The past three weeks have been so incredible and I am enjoying every moment with him. Why sleep when I have Duke to accompany me? Insomnia has prepared me well. Hope you enjoy my joy!