My Lovely Duke

I can’t believe a week has gone by already. I’ll be heading back to work this Monday. Just the thought of not seeing Duke for eight hours already makes me miss him. I won’t be the one who changes his diapers during the day. I won’t be the one who burps him after he’s fed. I won’t the one who wraps him up tightly. I won’t be the one who kisses those sweet cheeks.

But then again, he is the one who gives me the strengths to get up in the morning. He is the one who calms me down. He is the one who makes me feel responsible. He is the one who lifts me up when I am down. Just watching him and his mom curled up in bed put a quiet smile on my face. They are the loveliest and I can’t even imagine my life without them.

I apologize for the soppiness. I just can’t help expressing the joy. I am sure you all already feel me based on the responses you have been given me for the past week. You could have read any blog on the world wide web, but you choose to be here and share the happiness with me. By reading my thoughts, you allow me to pour my heart out, something I can’t really do in the real life. I sure appreciate that.