Day of the Duke

Happy birthday to Duke Ellington who would have turned 110 today, four days after our lil Duke. Four days have passed and Duke still cries at night, but has shown some improvement in his sleep. Both Dana and I are getting accustomed to his timing. Lucky for us, his grandmother takes over in the morning so we both could get some rest. His grandma has been a tremendous help and we deeply appreciate her presence.

Duke is getting tremendous love and in the past four days I have an opportunity to witness how unconditional a mother’s love is. She wakes up every time he cries to feed him. Sometimes he sucks on her hard that causes her pain, but she just let him as long as he could get his milk. I know she is still in pain from the delivery and how tired she is from lacking of sleep, yet I have not heard a word of complain from her. Last night after putting the little guy in his crib, I wanted to check with her on how she feels and all she said was, “The boy is cute.” When he gets older I will make sure that he knows all of this.

Yesterday we took him to the pediatric for the first time. He is doing well according to the pediatrician. The nurse put a thermometer up his butt. The first time he was doing fine, but the nurse couldn’t get the reading. She did it again and he gave something back to her. It was so hilarious.

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