More Sleepless Night With Duke

Duke still woke up every one and a half hour last night. At 3:00 am, I took him downstairs so his mom could get some sleep. She who feeds him every two hours works the hardest among us. I held him in my arms for two hours and he didn’t go back to sleep. I haven’t slept much for the past three days; therefore, my head has been pounding. Yet, his gorgeous face and glowing eyes takes all the pounding away.

I tried to give him some “Quiet Nights” from Diana Krall, but he didn’t want to stay quiet. I had to take him back to Duke Ellington. From the whistle blows to the escaping-steam sounds to the speedy departure of the train sounds, he loved the “Ellington Effects.” I love listening to jazz with him and enjoy every moment we spend together.

Every time he cries, I put him closure to my heart and he would stop. I love the way he looks at me with one and a half opening eyes. One of the things Duke has changed me is that I shave more often now. Before he arrived, I wouldn’t shave for weeks, but know I have to so that I don’t have to poke him. I just can’t help kissing his smooth, fresh cheek, little hands and feet. They are just too adorable.

Thanks folks once again for all the love. I haven’t been very responsive to everyone, especially email, Facebook and Twitter, but I have read and appreciate your words.