Delivery Guys Lost the Sale

Our furniture from Marlo was delivered today. We kept the sectional sofa and sent back the dining table and chairs. The tabletop had a thumb-size chip and five out of the six chairs aren’t leveled. The two delivery guys (African-Americans) weren’t too happy about the return, but I couldn’t except damaged merchandise.

I still liked the dining set and was going to reschedule for another delivery, but the guys had done a great job losing the sale. I understand the heavy lifting all, but their attitudes turned me off. They had the audacity to blame it on my hardwood floor for the unevenness of the chairs. How could my floor uneven when one of the chairs didn’t rock? I can even see with my naked eyes that some of the legs are shorter than the other and none of our own chairs were rocking.

We paid a hundred and thirty dollars for the delivery charges and they acted like they were doing us a favor. Their grumpy attitudes not only lost my interest in their products, but also the tips I intended to give them. We’ll look for another table elsewhere.