Relaxed Saturday

Woke up at eight this morning and the rain was pouring. Stayed in bed and closed eyes for a little bit longer. Got up and cleaned the drains in the bathroom sinks. So much hair stuck in there, yuckie. At noon, a cousin and his wife dropped by to check out the house. Went to have some pho after they left and went to pick up Street Fighter 4 for sister-in-law’s husband birthday. Stopped by Marlo to check out the sales. Ended up with a dinning table with six leather chairs and a sectional sofa. Went over to sister-in-law’s place for dinner. Enjoyed some Street Fighter action. Went home took a shower and loved the laundry shooter. It’s the best feature of the entire house. Sitting here listening to Dexter Gordon’s Ballads while typing up this post. Damn, a day off drifted by so fast.