Quan Quynh

Quan Quynh is a new pho/bun (vermicelli) place located in Eden Center where XXX cafe used to be. (I guess the name of the cafe place didn’t attract too many nice people like myself). Quan Quynh prides itself in Pho Bac. It claims that Pho is everywhere, but only Quan Quynh has the authenticity of Pho Bac. Neither Dana and I were in the mood for pho, so we didn’t give it a try. Dana ordered Bun Oc and I went for Bun Ca Thac Lac. We both ended up with the same same broth and the only differences were the snail and the fish. The broth was passible, not too spicy and not too heavy. The thing about vermicelli is that you’ll be hungry again two hours later. We had to buy some binh mi to go for that night.