The Party

The baby shower/house warming turned out fun. Lots of family members and friends came. Most of them liked the colors I have picked. Some think the basement, which I have intended to turn into an entertainment spot, is too dark. It was nice to see fifteen kids running up and down the house and around the backyard. We had a little egg hunting that lasted for about two minutes. I told my sister-in-law to let the little ones out first, which she did, but she didn’t wait long enough so the big kids got basket full of eggs while the little ones didn’t get much.

The food turned out good too and I convinced my wife to cater. We ordered fried rice, seafood noodles and fried chicken marinated in fish sauce at Café Trung Nguyen in Eden Center (reasonable price), goi vit (duck salad) at Thanh Tong (most people loved it) and butter chicken curry at our favorite five-dollar-cash buffet. My sister made some banging egg rolls. Mommy made my favorite nem chua. Sister-in-law made some blazing cheesecakes. We also had banh bot loc brought back from Houston.

As for the drinks, folks loved my special mango margarita. We had quite bit of mangos left and they were ripe and so sweet so I decided to do something with them. I added one part Grand Marnier, two parts Jose Cuervo Tradicional, a banana, some slices of pineapple, half a lime and ice into the blender. The result was fruity and exotic with a little kick of alcohol. My mom had two glasses of mango margarita and a glass of wine.

We are deeply appreciated all the gifts for our little guy, especial in the current state of economy. We were reluctant at first about the baby registry, but it turned out well. Friends and families were going to get the kid some gifts anyway so we might as well listed out what we need. That way it saved the folks the trouble of trying to figure out what we need and save us from getting extra stuffs that we don’t really need. A friend of ours didn’t register and she ended up getting tons of clothes for her kid and she didn’t need all of them.

We spent yesterday morning with my sister, mom and the two kids and the evening setting up the traveling system and the crib to prepare for the unexpected member. The doctor said he is getting ready to come out. I guess he knows that his daddy is waiting impatiently to play with him.