Happy Time

Happy Time, a little family-run Korean eatery spot located inside El Grande International Supermarket, has been our Friday’s supper before working on our house. Happy Time’s menu features about thirty items and we are in the process of trying every one of them. If the photo looked good, we ordered it. The dishes are consistence, but my two favorites are the codfish with hot and spicy soup and the seafood and vegetables with rice in a pot. The latter dish tastes similar to our Com Tay Cam (rice in clay pot) but with Korean spices.

What makes Happy Time a favorite spot of mine beside the great food and the great price is the mannerism. I made my orders through both a man who appears to be in his mid 40’s and a teenage girl at different times. When they take my money or give me back my change, they always bowed down a little and handed me the money with both hands. I was impressed with the way they have kept their traditions.