Bombay Café

With the house still unpacking and Dana being pregnant, we haven’t had any homemade meals. We eat out almost everyday and it gets a little bit costly. So we try to cut down our budget. Yesterday we were driving around Fairfax hunting for our dinner and we came across Bombay Café with a big sign reads $5 buffet. We peeped inside and the place was filled with Indians so it has to be authentic. We went in and it was the best $5 buffet we have ever spent. You can’t even get that price at a Chinese buffet anymore. The selection was limited, but the curry chicken, barbecued chicken and rice are enough to feel you up. No tips are required since eat and you clean after yourself. I love this bargain place and it’s only five minutes from our house (in the same building with Pho Today). So next time if we don’t want to cook and don’t want to spend too much cash, we know where to go.