Home Improvement Update

I didn’t get to do much this weekend. Half of my Saturday morning was spent at the conference and half of the evening at a high school friend of my baby shower. Her baby girl is expected to be born a day before my little guy and she has gained almost forty-five pounds. We were discussing on hooking them up.

Even though my weekend was interrupted and didn’t get any help from my sister-in-law and her hubby, I am so glad that the basement is now completed. The weather had been very nice so we opened the windows to get all the fumes out. Dana was able to help me with touching up all the messes I left.

We are also in the process of replacing all the door locks. The previous owner had many locks that required a key to open, but the problem is we couldn’t find any keys. We don’t want our little boy to lock inside one of the room and we can’t get in. Besides, want to change them all to one consistent design. We went to EXPO and picked up eight locks with 40% off because the store is closing. We also bought a gorgeous chandelier at EXPO a couple weeks ago. We went back today and picked up some accessories for our bathrooms.

Next week we should be able to clean up the house and than we should be able to move in the following week. We’re also planning on a housewarming party on April 4th even though the house is empty. The only thing people are waiting to see is the colors of the house. Thanks to my sister-in-law who has been telling everyone how crazy we have gone through with all the colors. I am still very proud of my colorful crib.