Hong Nhung & Quang Dung – Co Dau Bao Gio

Hong Nhung and Quang Dung know a thing or two about marketing themselves and they don’t do it the traditional way. Instead of dropping album then following up with a concert, they do it in reverse. So if you can’t be at concert, especially with the ticket price of 3 million VND or approximately $170 US dollars, you can just pick up the album. Not a bad concept at all.

On their second collaborative release, Co Dau Bao Gio, Hong Nhung and Quang Dung reconnect once again to offer their simple, elegant interpretations of Trinh Cong Son’s timeless works. The feel of the album is easygoing and rejoicing and who else could provide those vibes better than Hoai Sa?

With six duets including “Tu Tinh Khuc,” “Tinh Nho” and “Ngau Nhien,” the BFF pair sounds relaxing and comforting even when their voices don’t go well together. On “Cat Bui” for instance, they sound awkwardly off on the chorus. As for their solo pieces, Hong Nhung has done it again with “Ru Doi Di Nhe.” Her voice is sultry and effortlessly in control. Hoai Sa also gives a delicious jazz lick on the keyboard. Her haunting voice floats like ghost passing through glass on “Ru Em Tung Ngon Xuan Nong.” Quang Dung’s version of “Gop Lai Mua Xuan” and “Xin Cho Toi” are just pleasant.

Co Dau Bao Gio is not a groundbreaking, but a classy album to enjoy in an intimate setting. It’s a perfect joint to kick back to with a glass of wine or martini in your hand. Cheers!