I am a smoothie fanatic. I have to have my strawberry, wild blueberry, banana, pineapple and yogurt each night and I make some margarita once in a while. We’ve been using a 40-buck blender for more than a year now. It still works, but the noise level is getting loud and bottom part of the blade cutter is grinding against the base of the blender. These days I have to add some orange juice to have some liquid in order for the blender to blend.

I have my eyes set on Blendtec for a while but failed to persuade my wife even when I showed her Will It Blend videos including iPhone, marbles and golf balls. We were at Costco last night and the guy gave us a demonstration of Blendtec. The guy was very slick. He said something like this Blendtec is a perfect tool to make baby food after seeing that we might be expecting one.

One of the reasons I still holding off on getting Blendtec is obviously the price, which is almost $400. I think it might be worthwhile though.