Home Improvement Update

I am proud to announce that the top two levels are completed. I will be starting on the basement next week. I was working all day Saturday and my wife came today to clean after my sloppy spots as well as to keep me company.

My sister-in-law and her husband went to New Jersey for the weekend and they dropped by Philly to pick up the kitchen ventilation system for us as a home-warming gift. That’s not all. They’ll even install for us too. Aren’t they great?

With the progress we’re making, I am pretty sure we’ll be able to move in no later than mid March. These weekends have been hell for me. Working from seven to seven is wearing me out, but the pain will be over soon. I can’t wait. The good thing about working long hour is that I get to hear a lot of great jazz. My play list for this week includes Billie Holiday, Wynton Marsalis and Oscar Peterson.

We love the new heat unit. Unlike my sister-in-law’s Carrier, which runs like a factory, the Trane XL15i built like a tank but runs like a Mercedes. We also have the duct cleaning scheduled for this coming Tuesday. Hopefully I can take that day off to be there when they do the cleaning as well as to work on the house.