House Improvement Update

We get quite a bit of painting done this week thanks to my father-in-law. He drove all the way from New Jersey on Saturday just to help us paint. My man did four bedrooms, dinning room and family room with the help of my sister-in-law. He is just too awesome.

The color of the rooms are looking good. Although I am suck at painting, I am proud of the color palette I have come up for each room. They come out the way I wanted. I have been working from 7 to 7 for the past three days. I am exhausted and the fume is giving me a headache, but I am very excited as the moving day is coming closer.

After several weeks with countless estimates, we decided to go with F.H. Furr to replace our entire heating and air conditioning system. Not only Furr is giving us a very competitive price, but the company is also has a deal with Home Depot for a 12-month-no-interest finance. We picked the Trane XL 15i Heat Pump and a 4TEE Variable Speed Air Handlers. The system will be installed this Thursday.

I still have yet to treat the cluster flies in the attic. Thanks to my “distance cousin” who is a reader of this site for all the tips. I have to get to that pretty soon. That’s pretty much it for now.

How was your Valentine’s Day? After a whole day spent on the house, I stopped by a store picked up roses, a balloon and an ice cream cake for my lovely lady who deserves all the love. Although she is not working on the house and I am banning her from staying at the house because of the fume, she has the hardest job. My boy is getting big and carrying him around is a tough job. I have to give her all the props for that.