On Blogging and Social Network

Today I received an email announcement from a friend who closed her Facebook account and pointed Steve Tuttle’s “You Can’t Friend Me, I Quit” as a reference to her decision. I respect that and I will miss seeing her on Facebook.

Last week, I had a little conversation about social network with some faculty and staffs while waiting to be seated at a restaurant. From what I heard, time is the major reason for not doing it. A staff also made a point that he doesn’t blog because people don’t care what he has to say or that he doesn’t care what people say on their blog. I also respect that.

As for me, I use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and blogging. I don’t use Facebook too much. My posts in Facebook are usually updates from my Twitter. I use LinkedIn just pretty much for my resume. The blog is where I use the most. Unlike the staff who thinks people don’t care what he writes, I blog what I care about first. I am sure many people don’t give a damn about my house-improvement posts, but I do. I have a small number of readers, but I am sure most of you have been through what I am going through. I was able to get feedback and recommendation from those who had experienced in those areas.

Blogging isn’t just about your audience. You have to care about what you write first, before the readers do. If you don’t care about what you write, why should they care? If I worry about what people care, I would have quit blogging a long time ago. I no longer feel obligated to blog or connect on these social sites. If I don’t have anything to say anymore, I just don’t. I still want all these tools to be available to me when I do want to put down my thoughts.