Tinh 17 in Thailand

Comparing to the constant release of Thuy Nga, Asia and Van Son, the three big productions, Tinh only comes out once in a blue moon, yet its latest music video in Thailand is a huge disappointment in so many levels.

First of all, the name should be changed from Tinh to Tuong entertainment since the Tuong brothers have dominated the double DVD. “Thuong Ba Me Que” is Tuong Nguyen and Tuong Khue duet. “Ben Doi Cho” is a Tuong Khue solo. “Chieu Ao Ba Ba” is a Tuong Nguyen solo. “Em Ve Keo Troi Mua” is a Tuong Nguyen and Thuy Khanh duet. That’s not all. They even recruited their sister Nhu Quynh for “Khoc Them Lan Nua.” My brother-in-law mused, “These guys must have paid the production to be on the video.” He might be right.

Musically speaking, Tinh tries to revive old pop hits with not much creativity. Mixing a bunch of Thai’s past hits with a bunch of wimpy, pseudo raps from Justin Nguyen, Kevin Khoa and Huy Vu just don’t cut it. The medley of “C. C. Catch” is even more horrendous on both musical and fashionable counts. The 80’s outfits on the chicks are just trashy. What makes it worst is that some of them are so skinny and flat-chested that the only things they showed were their guts.

What I really don’t understand is why filmed in Thailand? The production ran out of scenes in the U.S.? I am sure Thailand is a fantastic country to visit and I already get a feel of the exotic spot from Van Son production. I don’t need three more hours of music video to remind me once again that Bangkok is a place to travel. What made Tinh memorable in the past was the good storylines that went along with the music. Even the cheesy love story between Huy Vu and Minh Tuyet on “Huong Ruou Tinh Nong” still stuck on my mind. I am not going to lie. I almost shed a tear when I watched that.

Truthfully, I really like to see Tinh to be successful. Unlike other productions, Tinh relies only on DVD sales to make profit, but if this is the direction the production is heading, there won’t be any hope.

Bonjour Vietnam