Simplexpression is Live

For the past three weeks Dana and I had worked tirelessly well past midnight to launch our collaborative online jewelry store: While she handcrafted and took photographed each piece, I touched up the images and put the web site together.

With Simplexpression, our goal is to create simple, elegant jewelries that are not only visually attractive, but also comfortable to wear on a daily basis. To reflect on our products, we wanted a clean, classy site with ease of use. The layout lets the products speak for themselves. We also integrated PayPal to handle our transactions for a smooth, secured experience.

Dana is obviously the creative mind behind the works. I am not sure how she comes up with the design, but she always strikes the perfect balance between shapes, colors, tones and textures while still manages to keep the piece simple. The labor goes into each piece is intensive, yet the final product is just stunning.

One of the fun tasks of the project is to come up with the name for each piece. We listen mostly to jazz in our design process. So we figure why not name them after the jazz ladies. All we have to do is matching up each piece with a female jazz artist based on her style and personality. For example, we honored this necklace after Billie Holiday because it shows Billie’s dramatic lifestyle. She was like the brilliant, orange centerpiece that still lid up inside the ring of darkness. We named this piece after Anita O’Day because its rhythm and its flow correspond to her dazzled sense of time and improvising virtuosity.

What makes this project so special to us is that we get to put our skills together as a couple even though we have different career paths. Because this project is a result of love and passion, we make our products affordable so that we could share them with you and hope that you would take pleasure in wearing them as much as we do in crafting them. So head over to and check out our small but expanding collection.

Bonjour Vietnam