Nguyen Hong Nhung – Mo Ve Anh

Nguyen Hong Nhung’s new album, Mo Ve Anh, is a return to the intimate-setting style she had abandoned since her debut. Working only with producer Vu Quang Trung on nine tracks, the record feels closed and personal.

Nguyen Hong Nhung’s big, gorgeous voice floats like songbird on the semi-classical “Bai Ca Cho Anh” (written by Vu Quang Trung and Bang Kieu). Her version of Kim Tuan’s “Bien Can” is surprisingly pleasing thanks to the intoxicating bossa-nova arrangement. She also gave a soulful cover of Vu Thanh An’s “Bai Khong Ten So 8” accompanied by an elegant, solo piano; however, the smooth saxophone should have been left off the break.

The only bad interpretation is Y Van’s “60 Nam.” The beat is too slow for this joyful track and it causes her flow to be stilted. It would have been a great cut with a swing-up rhythm. Technically, Nguyen Hong Nhung still needs to work on her breath control. It’s all over the place and bringing down her delivery a notch.