Should Ao Dai Stay Traditional?

Spotted a discussion over at MsNguyen castigating Hien Thuc’s not-so-traditional presentation of our traditional ao dai. Hien Thuc is not the first to adapt this style. Cyndi Tran has gone even further with just a panty. (Some folks didn’t seem to get my sarcasm behind that post.)

It seems like the ladies in MsNguyen’s discussion aren’t so welcoming this trend. What about the fellows? Is it time to take ao dai up a notch? What else we can do to ao dai to make a change? Or do we even need to make a change? Should ao dai be left the way she has always been?

One of the interesting comments is the compliment on Hien Thuc’s gorgeous legs. Could that be a reason for her to show off her legs? I am not sure about other guys, but legs aren’t the first thing I look at.