Tu Quyen – Em Van Yeu

Tu Quyen is a pop singer who doesn’t follow the latest trend. She is just way behind the trend. Her newest album, Em Van Yeu, sounds as if it has been shelved a decade or so ago and only get released recently by Thuy Nga production. Seriously, when was the last time you heard the Chinese tune with the chorus that goes something like, “Wo ai ni, I love you / Wo ai ni, I need you?” How does she do it? How the hell is she not sick of singing the song when I am already sick of listening to it?

Listening to Em Van Yeu gives me a second thought about Nhu Loan’s Trai Tim Da Duoc Yeu. Between the two albums, I am not sure who is the worse. Vocal wise, Tu Quyen is no better Nhu Loan. Her voice is weak and she has no range either. She sings the title track as if she is merely reading through the lyrics with no emotional expression and no attempt to get beyond her comfort zone.

Musically, Tu Quyen demonstrates no originality. She not only covers old tunes, but she does so with no creative or inventive effort. The arrangements are typical of Thuy Nga’s quality: cheap and manufactured. Em Van Yeu was put together just for the sake of making an album and an opportunity to sell the album booklet. Maybe the album’s glamorous photo shot is worth more than the album itself.

Bonjour Vietnam